Executive Home Care specializes in what we call our 8 POINTS OF CARE.


Executive Home Care specializes in what we call our
8 POINTS OF CARE. They are:

Importance of Socialization

Over the decades-long course of our lifespans, people move in and out of our lives. By the time we’re seniors, many of our friends and family have moved away, or we have. Once we retire, we don’t see coworkers any more. That leaves many seniors living alone and feeling lonely. And this world is not really built for seniors, so many of them feel isolated in society. And while couples can become isolated together, the situation is really bad when seniors live alone, and especially if this is because their spouse has recently passed. Isolation occurs at high rates for seniors and this can lead to depression and that is a serious mental health problem.

Senior Companion Services

There is no cure-all for depression; everybody reacts differently. But for many seniors, companion services help. Senior companion services involve a caregiver spending time with a senior, not to help them with their physical health but with their mental health. Senior companion services mean improving and maintaining mental and emotional well-being. Caregivers talk with seniors, listen to their concerns, reminisce with them, play card and board games with them, help them keep up with correspondence, and help them keep in touch with friends, family, and the outside world.

Purposeful activity can be as a valuable tool for wellness. Getting involved in a fun group game is energizing. Learning something new and challenging your mind is stimulating. Receiving a gentle hand massage with a calming scented lotion is soothing. Executive Home Care has partnered with Dabblesack Activities because activity and socialization are important elements in mental well-being.

If you’re interested in senior companion services or would like to learn more about senior companion services, please contact Executive Home Care at (203) 690-1963 or stratford@executivehomecare.com.

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