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the Story of Rebecca and Robyn

Dabblesack’s mission is to provide a curated collection of engaging and purposeful activities for seniors, including those living with dementia/Alzheimer’s. We have partnered with Dabblesack because activity and socialization are important elements in mental well-being. This is especially important to senior citizens because of isolation issues from lack of mobility or people close to them not readily available for many reasons.

Two occupational therapists with over 65 years of combined experience considered it an honor to be welcomed into their patients’ lives as they shared their life experiences, interests, and hobbies with them. Having witnessed their victories and challenges, and through that, they saw how purposeful activity can be as a valuable tool for wellness.
For 25+ years, they worked in home-care settings (including visiting patients in private homes, assisted living facilities, and skilled nursing facilities). They also had many years of experience working in hospitals and out-patient facilities. The people they treated throughout the years were truly the inspiration for the founding of Dabblesack.

They were often asked about resources for senior activities. This contributed to the creation of Dabblesack. They knew the importance of staying active, whether you are working on a puzzle or participating in small or large group activities. The benefits are far-reaching! Sitting down to work on an art or craft project can be very relaxing. This is why adult coloring books have become so popular! Getting involved in a fun group game is energizing. Learning something new and challenging your mind is stimulating. Receiving a gentle hand massage with a calming scented lotion is soothing. Working on a community service project is heartwarming. We also know that visits from friends, caregivers, and family (including younger members) can be more enjoyable when activities are involved. 
Inspiring you to bring new, creative, challenging, fun, empowering, or even zen-like leisure-time activities into your life. Creating better moments is what Dabbesack is all about.