Respite Care refers to short term care with a stay under 30 days. It can provide peace of mind to provide the extra help needed coming out of an illness or medical procedure, or simply to offer caregivers to handle other life matters.

We know caring for a loved one is a full time commitment. Situations arise out of a vacation, or otherwise that present a difficult situation and subsequent void in the chain of care. Through Respite Care, Executive Care has you confidently covered when you seek temporary care for your family member.

You may think of assisted living facilities as apartment complexes for seniors who can’t live on their own anymore. But some offer short term stays for respite care. It’s often called short term assisted living or residential respite care.

Short term assisted living allows you to take a trip for as long as a few weeks while your loved one stays in a safe, comfortable apartment, room or suite. Trained staff can provide care day and night.